The Part-Time Freelancing Guide: Humble Beginnings

A freelancer hard at work

So, remember that time I did a guide telling you how to get started freelancing? (link here) Well, that was like 4 months ago. Since then, I’ve actually gotten started. I made an account on Fiverr and Upwork and proceeded to get zero clients. That is, until one day a lovely gentleman from Bangladesh offered me a low-paying job, churning out content for one of his sites. Being poor and…

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The Part-Time Freelancing Guide: Get Started Freelancing Online


How do I get started freelancing online? An excellent question. Sometimes you just want to make money working from home, and freelancing is an excellent way to do it. So, as a monumental testament to bad ideas, over the next few [insert unit of time here], I will be attempting to work as a freelance online content creator. That’s the fancy way of saying that I’ll be a freelance writer….

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