The Part-Time Freelancing Guide: Get Started Freelancing Online


How do I get started freelancing online? An excellent question. Sometimes you just want to make money working from home, and freelancing is an excellent way to do it. So, as a monumental testament to bad ideas, over the next few [insert unit of time here], I will be attempting to work as a freelance online content creator. That’s the fancy way of saying that I’ll be a freelance writer….

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The Importance of Social Media

Once upon a time, people did dumb stuff without it being immortalised in the metaphorical stone tablets of the internet. Unfortunately, Facebook now knows more about you than you do and if you’re not careful, that stuff is visible to anyone competent enough to type your name into Google. So, what can you do to avoid your wild drinking habits being visible to prospective employers?   Privacy Settings If social…

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