The Part-Time Freelancing Guide: Humble Beginnings

A freelancer hard at work

So, remember that time I did a guide telling you how to get started freelancing? (link here) Well, that was like 4 months ago. Since then, I’ve actually gotten started. I made an account on Fiverr and Upwork and proceeded to get zero clients. That is, until one day a lovely gentleman from Bangladesh offered me a low-paying job, churning out content for one of his sites. Being poor and…

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Excellent Jobs for Under 18s – The Ultimate List

Being young is tough. Nobody respects your opinion and you largely get ignored. Plus you can’t do all the fun things that adults can do, like drink alcohol and drive cars. Luckily, none of this matters to part-time employers because they can pay you less. So, what are some great jobs for under 18s? Because I’m not an omniscient god, despite appearances, I’m going to miss some stuff. In fact,…

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What are some Great Summer Jobs for Teens?

Lawn mowing is one of many ideal jobs for teens.

Being a teenager is tough. It’s even worse when you want to buy things but don’t have any money. So, what are some good summer jobs for teens? What are the characteristics of good jobs for teens? The main thing to consider when looking out for suitable jobs for teens is the pay. How much money can you make? Odds are, you’ll be looking for a summer job. So, you…

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