Being young is tough. Nobody respects your opinion and you largely get ignored. Plus you can’t do all the fun things that adults can do, like drink alcohol and drive cars. Luckily, none of this matters to part-time employers because they can pay you less. So, what are some great jobs for under 18s?

Because I’m not an omniscient god, despite appearances, I’m going to miss some stuff. In fact, I’m going to miss a lot of stuff. So, I’ll first teach you the characteristics of good jobs for minors.

The Characteristics of Good Jobs for Under 18s

Despite being entitled to a lower minimum wage than your adult counterparts: not all jobs will work out for you. So, hopefully this brief guide should help you to identify ideal jobs for minors.


Flexible Hours

Because you’re going to be at school a lot, your job needs to fit around this. This is even more important if you do any after-school activities as you might be available from 5 PM on a Monday, but not until 7 PM on a Tuesday. As far as the hindrances to young employment go, this is the biggest.

This isn’t just limited to a job that fits around your schedule. Sometimes stuff crops up, which happens a lot when you’re young. A lot of stuff is out of your control, and you’re going to need a job that can handle that.


Appropriate hours

Similar to the previous one, jobs for under 18s need to have working hours that can actually be feasibly done by a busy teenager. This means that you want a job that doesn’t start early in the morning, or late at night. Teenagers need between 8-10 hours of sleep. You should be aiming for upwards of 9 hours of sleep a night. This isn’t realistic if your job requires you to get up early. So, look for jobs that will allow you to have a lie in. Also avoid jobs that’ll require you to work late into the night, particularly if you have school the next day.


Not too Physically Demanding

Tragically, you’re probably not as invincible as you feel. So you’re going to want to avoid jobs that require lots of heavy lifting. Particularly if you’re of a smaller build. Jobs for under 18s should be about making a bit of pocket money rather than paying your bills, so I’d strongly advise you choose a job that pays less if it means you won’t come home feeling exhausted.


Fair Pay

Because employers can get away with paying you less, they’ll typically try to. This can mean that they’ll pay you half as much as your adult coworkers, then expect you to do the job just as well. Obviously, you’re never going to find a job where you’ll get paid completely fairly, but don’t be afraid to quit your job if you find that you’re expected to do more work than you’re paid for.


Hopefully that should give you an idea of what to look for when looking at jobs for under 18s.


List of Good Jobs for Under 18s

Now that you understand what makes a good job for a youth such as yourself, you can fill in the gaps in this list.

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Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants are excellent for young people. They tend to have lots of young employees, which means that they’re a lot more adaptable when life gets in the way of work. Of course, it has the downside of dealing with the public, but the job’s relatively straightforward and there’s typically enough training that any idiot could learn to perform the job to a reasonable standard.


Regular Restaurants

Regular restaurants have a couple of positions that are ideal for under 18s. Plus, if you’re in a serving role, then you can make tips too.


Kitchen Porter

This is one of the better jobs for under 18s. It’s relatively straightforward, not too physically demanding, and no customer interaction. The only downside is that it can be quite fast-paced. Plus it’s an easy evening job. You just assist with washing dishes and such during the evening dinner rush.


Table Waiter

Table waiting is a slightly harder position to find if you’re a minor, partially because it attracts a lot of adults. This is also a good job for a teenager because it meets all of the criteria I stated before. That said, you will have to deal with members of the public.



Once again, retail has several positions that are ideal for teenagers. That said, they all involve dealing with customers, which can be a major negative for some people. They all tend to get wrapped under the umbrella job title “Retail Assistant”.


Shop Floor

This position can be quite physically demanding. Essentially, you’ll be putting out stock and assisting customers. Some stores may divide that into two separate roles. This one is only really ideal because it’s often flexible around school because the high turnover rate draws a lot of young people.



Working on the tills can be tough. You’ll be interacting with a lot of people, and it relies heavily on your maths skills. That said, it’s relatively straightforward and not too physically demanding. Plus, if you’re working for a large chain, then the hours can be quite flexible.


Work Online

Okay, this one is a little clickbaity. However, I don’t mean spend hours doing lots of work for little money. I mean social media management. Young people use social media a lot, as far as people who own businesses are concerned. Lots of local businesses might be interested in paying you a bit of cash to manage their social media presence. You can work whatever hours you like, there’s no exercise involved, no dealing with people face-to-face. It’s the perfect job as far as I’m concerned. That said, it’s difficult to get a hold of. Plus if you’re doing it freelance, you’ll have to learn how to do your taxes.



By no means is this a comprehensive list of good jobs for under 18s. However, it should at least give you a few ideas and help you to figure out what makes a good job for a minor.

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