Money is quite a helpful thing to have around, it allows you to buy a wealth of useful resources, like food and water. As such, it is probably helpful for you to have a way of making a bit of money so that you don’t starve to death whilst you study.

This is where a part-time job comes in. You can work around your education so that you can eat food, drink water, and browse reddit. Unfortunately, jobs are slightly more difficult to come by than they once were. That’s why I’m going to be showing you how to find yourself a job.

The first step is obviously to decide on what sort of job is right for you. I’ve written an article about that and it can be found below.

What Part-Time Job is Ideal for your First Job? have also produced a guide that is a little more tailored towards students. Definitely check them out.

The ultimate guide to finding a part-time job


Many colleges or universities will run events such as job fairs which can be an excellent place to get yourself out there and speak to employers in person and find what jobs might be right for you.

Furthermore, some colleges or universities may offer a Job Shop service that may list positions for local employers who are looking to hire students. Definitely do some digging if you’re at college or university as there can be a plethora of options available to you. Some universities or colleges may even be looking to hire students themselves, to work in stores or bars on campus. Just do some investigating and see what options you can dig up.

The Internet

If only there were some magical repertoire of knowledge that you can search to find whatever you need.

Wait, there is! Furthermore, you’re on it right now.

The internet is a great place to search for a part-time job. There are entire websites dedicated to job listings. Monster, Reed, and Indeed are a few of these.

These sites allow you to search for job listings in your area. However, job listings for part-time work at major retail chains are unlikely to be listed here. I have, however, had luck finding job listings created by local high-street retailers that were looking for part-time employees.

Larger chains are more likely to list their vacancies on their own website. Keep an eye out for local large chains that you might be interested in working for and check their websites. These are often your best bet for finding a job that’ll fit perfectly around your studies if you’re a student since large retail chains typically hire students and understand the need for flexible hours.

This approach tends to rely upon pure probability though; if you send in enough applications, eventually one of them will give you a job. You probably won’t end up working at your first choice.


Although it’s a little old-fashioned, local small businesses sometimes like to list their vacancies in the newspaper. This approach is unlikely to turn up anything spectacular, but it’s worth a look at least.

Go outside

Again with another old-fashioned approach, though this one is more likely to work. Go to your local high-street and hand a CV in to any store that you might be interested in working at. Lots of small businesses will be impressed by your drive and dedication.

I would advise that you don’t bother attempting this approach on larger chains as they’re likely to just refer you to their website. However, you might get lucky and find a chain store that’s actively looking to hire part-time employees internally, but these stores will often list their vacancies on a sheet of paper and stick it on the window.


It’s said that everyone is linked by six or fewer connections. As such, it’s probably worth asking your friends and family if they happen to know anyone who might be hiring. Connections are often your best bet for finding a job as employers are inclined to hire the person they know rather than the person they don’t.

A recommendation from someone who knows you can go a long way too, so if any of your friends have a part-time job, ask them to ask their bosses if they’re looking to hire new employees.


All of these techniques used together might help you to find the job you want. However, the probability-based nature of these techniques might mean that a lot of the jobs that get back to you are less than ideal. I would like to remind you that you are under no obligation to work for the first person who calls you back. Make sure you choose the best job you are able to.

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