Lawn mowing is one of many ideal jobs for teens.

Being a teenager is tough. It’s even worse when you want to buy things but don’t have any money. So, what are some good summer jobs for teens?

What are the characteristics of good jobs for teens?

The main thing to consider when looking out for suitable jobs for teens is the pay. How much money can you make? Odds are, you’ll be looking for a summer job. So, you don’t want to be burning your entire summer doing a job if you’re only looking to make a few hundred pounds for a new laptop. So, you want to pick something that’ll pay decently and won’t drag on through the entire summer. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t looking to take on staff who are only going to be there for a few weeks. So, the obvious choice is to work for yourself.

So, what options are available to you?

What are some good jobs for teens?

I’ll be first covering the jobs you can do that actually involve going out and doing work.

I’ll note that some of the cliché choices can actually be quite difficult. Starting a lemonade stand can require a fair amount of effort just getting the legal documents in order before you even hit the pavement. Lots of regions require street vendors to have a licence.


Mowing Lawns

This is the obvious choice for teenagers looking to make a quick buck. All you’ll need is a lawnmower, a hat, and a load of water. If you live in a suburban area, this job is relatively easy to do. Your first step is to ask your parents if they know anyone who might need their lawn mowed. Going door-to-door is always a valid strategy, but it’s time consuming and difficult. The smart move is to have clients lined up before you even start.

Now, this type of work can be quite physically demanding. I personally wouldn’t do it, because I’m not cut out for that kind of manual labour. However, it’s a viable option. You don’t even have to do it full-time. If you just get your parents to keep an eye out for anyone who might want their lawn trimmed, you can just do it every now and then for a small bit of cash.


Repairing Computers

Teenagers are all about technology. To a lot of older people, this seems to mean that your average teenager is some kind of technical wizard and is capable of repairing anything that involves electricity. Now, I’m not advocating that you listen to them and become an electrician. That can be dangerous if done wrong. However, computers are pretty harmless and odds are you can figure out how to fix one. 90% of computer problems are an extremely easy fix, so why not give it a go? All you’ve got to do, is show up to their house and fix a simple problem and make some easy cash.

As far as jobs for teens go, this one is pretty much a godsend. No manual labour, and the pay can be quite good. Repairing a computer can look really impressive, so people tend to have no problem paying a fair bit for it.


Get a Real Job

Unfortunately, there’s only so many ways that a teenager could feasibly work for themselves when they’ve only got a summer to get a business running. So, a viable choice is to start working for a retail chain or a fast food chain, and then just cut back your hours once school starts back up. The pay is considerably more reliable than running your own business, plus it’s a great way to get your foot in the door for jobs in the future.

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Making money as a teenager is difficult. It can be hard to find an actual job, so often your only chance is to work for yourself doing odd jobs. Naturally, anything that you’re good at can be a good way to make the odd bit of cash. If photography is more your style, then maybe you can do some photography instead of repairing computers. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, hopefully this article has given you some ideas of some good jobs for teens.

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